I’m currently the Head of Content at StockTwits, though I’ve served as an editor and writer for several publications. Below are blog posts, articles, emails, studies, and press releases I wrote in the last few years:

The Daily Ripan email circulated to 450,000 subscribers — StockTwits

The Daily Rip — 4/4/2019

The Daily Rip — 3/29/2019

The Daily Rip — 2/27/2019

StockTwits Goes to NYCC: Pot Stocks, Tesla, and Robots — Wrote post and shot, produced, and edited video. — StockTwits

Your Room is Ready — StockTwits

StockTwits Appoints Brian Norgard to its Board of Directors — StockTwits (Press Release)

Bush Terminal Park is the best Brooklyn park you’ve never heard of — Brokelyn

Coming Video Games, Like Movies, Are Mostly Sequels; E3 Announced Titles Carry Licensing Opportunities — Content Licensing

Analysis: Why Oculus and Other Virtual Reality Developments Matter for Licensing — The Licensing Letter

How I learned to ride a bike for the first time, at age 27 — Brokelyn

R.I.P. Supercollider, another spot for weirdos that closed to make way for condos — Brokelyn

Feed Me More: the Wrestler as a Human Being — AiPT!

10 Foolproof Tricks to Stop Insomnia and Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep — ViralNova