Hi there. Scott here.

Illustrated photo of Scott Steinhardt and the accompanying Scott Steinhardt logo

I'm a writer, content/marketing director, and musician based in Brooklyn.

This site, though not terribly fancy, is the home to my many ongoing projects, passions, and interests. It's updated quite frequently, with links and gateways to the multitude of things I'm working on and keeping track of.

As you're probably on this site for a reason, here are a few good places to get started (and get to know me):

Scott (The Content and Marketing Director)

I've worked as a Content Director and in various marketing capacities for over a decade. I am currently the Content Advisor for Reality Defender, a Y Combinator '22 graduate.

For a deep dive into my career history, my work, and my personal brand, you can read my résumé and portfolio/brand book below.

Scott (The Writer)

One cannot be a Content Director without also being a writer. Or, they could, but they would just be pretty terrible at it.

I write quite a lot. I have a daily music newsletter called Some Good Songs. I've written everywhere from The Guardian to Inc. I'm even hard at work at a novel as of this writing.

If you're in search of my professional writing history, you can find some of my best work here, or see my Portfolio/Brand Book in the section above.

Scott (The Musician)

I haven't been in a band for over a decade. I still play (loudly), am in the market for a decent drum kit, and always buying more fuzz pedals.

In the meantime, I listen to way too much music. As of this writing, I've listened to approximately 550 albums in 2022 alone. To see what I'm listening to, visit my beloved Music Notion, or follow me on Spotify.


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