Great Grandpa - "Dark Green Water"

I had tickets to see nearly a dozen shows last spring, and Great Grandpa was easily my most anticipated gig. I heard about the band when they put out their debut record, Plastic Cough, a few years back. Last year's Four of Arrows, however, made my top 10 best-of list for the year, and the promise of the now-cancelled gig was something that helped me get through long days at my now-former job.

Since that gig isn't happening, listening to Four of Arrows on repeat will more than do. It's a beautiful, sprawling piece with multi-layered harmonies, orchestral flourishes, and found sounds tastefully interwoven into songs. The standout track from the album, "Dark Green Water," also happens to be the first track — one that I've had on repeat for months. While it's a great lead-off to the rest of the album, the songs that follow are equally beautiful and more than worth your time. If you only have four or so minutes, though, this is the perfect starting point to get into the promising young band.

Dark Green Water by Great Grandpa
Song · 4:13 · 2019

Four of Arrows by Great Grandpa is out now on Double Double Whammy Records. Please consider supporting the artist directly by purchasing their album.

Scott Steinhardt

Scott Steinhardt