Scott Steinhardt

Scott Steinhardt

Some Good Songs: Pride Edition?

Homophobes think queer people having rights will eventually lead to a liberal-led Purge. As a queer person myself, I simply cannot wait for my Abigail Adams mask fitting. Here’s some lyrics to

Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

There are two ways to approach reviewing a new Kendrick Lamar record: 1. Saying I am not in any position as a person to review a Kendrick Lamar record and just listen. 2.


I forgot I set up a memorial site for my dad, who would've turned sixty-five today. Nonetheless, I logged in for the first time in three years and wrote something for the occasion.

Best of 2021

Anyone who says this year — or any year — is a bad year for music needs to listen to more music. Here are the albums and songs worth listening to from this year, IMHO.