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Two New Wrestling Articles on AiPT!

It was brought to my attention that I appear to only write about wrestling. Thanks to the lovely rapport I have with the folks at AiPT, I can write about wrestling as often as I want. My other freelance endeavors, however, are slightly less frequent yet more diverse in terms of what I cover — save for an outstanding freelance assignment I have about wrestling. So it goes.

Anyway, I recently wrote two pieces for AiPT. The first was a slightly humorous take on a terrible episode of WWE Raw, appropriately titled “10 Ways WWE Raw Should Have Ended Last Night.” This was my favorite thing to write in a while.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose realize the strange rules they’re competing under and the conditions that see them continuously fighting each other do not matter in life, for we are all going to die one day and the match will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. They both say to hell with wrestling, leave the ring, and are later found in group therapy talking about their problems with anger and work.

I also wrote an article about the WWE Draft and what it means for the future of the WWE.

The men’s and women’s main event scenes are pretty stacked on Raw, while SmackDown has slightly fewer established acts. One could only hope that a few of the wrestlers drafted to SmackDown, most who originate from NXT, could eventually established as main event players. Otherwise, it’ll be John Cena winning again and again.

You can read more of that on AiPT here.


WWE Draft: Watching WWE in a Post-Brand Split World

As a fan, I now have to watch two live shows every week to see my favorite wrestlers instead of simply suffering through a weekly, three-hour Raw. Sure, this means two extra hours of content with unique storylines, titles, and factions that are independent from each show. As a working person with a “life,” however, it’s a tad more complicated than that.

The WWE Draft is next week, and I’m covering it this week (and next week) on AiPT. Today, I wrote about the sheer amount of time one needs to invest in the product.

Read more here.

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