Wrestling is a lot like comic books. It has characters and tropes that stick around for decades. It works in the confines of dated rules that would be pointless to break. Most importantly, it has a seemingly never-ending narrative that uses said characters to tell compelling and hyper-stylized stories on a regular schedule.

Unlike comic book characters, however, the wrestlers telling a story in and around the squared circle are real human beings. They act as characters completely separate from their real-world identities, putting their bodies on the line night after night for the advancement of a story and the crowd’s amusement. They experience actual pain, real injuries, and often tragic events.

I wrote for AIPT! again, this time about the (mis)treatment of wrestlers and common misconceptions about the business.

You can read my article here. If you haven’t read Ryan Reeves/Ryback’s post on the subject, you should do so here.